Reactor Unit with Spherical Vessel

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  • Glass spherical vessel (10-100l) with various accessories (feed, collectors, condenser, product cooler, etc.)

  • Stirrer with fixed / variable speedor speed adjuster

  • PTFE-stirrer shaft with turbine, impeller or anchor. Shape special stirrer for liquids with high viscosity with metal stirrer shaft

  • Unit is complete with feeding vessel, column, condenser, product cooler, changeable collector vessels, heating / cooling circuit as well as measuring and controlling devices

  • Electrical heating device (EX)

  • Mounting in pipe framework (galvanized steel or SS)

Measuring and control equipment:

  • Switch box cpl. with:
    • Temperature adjuster
    • Stirrer speed control
    • Vacuum control etc.
    • visualization
    • Explosion - proof model