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Type GBS

Graphite rupture disks

Rupture discs protect pipes, pressure vessels and                        Pipelines against impermissible loads (positive and negative pressures). Since such units without appropriate provisions represent an unmistakable risk with incalculable consequences for the operator include graphite rupture discs to the most essential fittings in equipment and plant. In chemical engineering this rupture discs made of graphite are preferred because of their corrosion resistance.

For installation of bursting discs in glass pipes and the construction of glass container neck after 10 ND / ND 16, we have a complete rupture disc designed as a standard.


Major components:

  1. Consistent response over the entire temperature range of -50 ° C to + 180 ° C (with heat protection up to 350 ° C).

  2. High response even under load change up to 80% of the nominal pressure. Suitability: For gases and liquids; in vacuum and pressures below 0.8 bar a vacuum support is required.

  3. A high-quality graphite, the thin liquid with a Furan resin impregnation is provided guarantees perfect tightness and extensive corrosion resistance. One, on the product side, applied FEP Film complements the resistance.

  4. The design is cost effective; Installation and maintenance are any problems. In the event a response is from multipart kit only to replace the membrane. The holder and the connection remain in use.

  5. The safety rupture discs are after AD leaflet A1 designed, approved by TÜV and type-tested. The standard program includes the Sicherheitsberst discs for Series 1 and 2, they differ mainly due to the different response ranges and constructively through the pressure-side bracket, which is already a standard feature in Series 1. Both series can be used for glass and container trim nozzles of identical masses. For the nominal size range from DN 40 to DN 300, the set pressures between 0.1 bar and 28 bar.

  6. In addition to the standard set pressures are bursting discs of course also for other burst pressures and nominal wide and, depending on the corrosive Conditional conditions in stainless steel and with PTFE diaphragms Shipping bar.

  1. Membrane
  2. cork gasket
  3. graphite gasket
  4. Print Ring
  5. retaining ring
  6. Vacuum support
DN D [mm] Emin. [mm] Emax. [mm]
40 82 27 32
50 10 29 33
120 32 37
80 130 37 42
100 160 43 49