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Find the optimum and most economic solution with the customer through collaborative and creative collaboration.

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The customers an open, independent, savvy, and introduce independent Crew

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A satisfied customer is a good customer through exemplary quality and service

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The customer and the company maximize profit which is the driving force for both, through responsible action

The Strategy

The customers a competent and be reliable partner by knowledge, experience, exchange of ideas and liability

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For clients in personal responsibility to act, convey the vision and success


Support the success of the customer by motivated, creative and committed employees

The preamble

Above all, man, society, the environment is - This is made all efforts and success in the future, not be forgotten.

Company Profile :


CETEC-GMBH was founded in 1985. The CETEC is an ideal partner for the production of plants which are intended for research, development and training, as well as for the "Kilo" production.

Consultation and Planning

The CETEC today is specialized in the production of chemical and pilot plants in sizes from 5 to 500 l - to the customer's individual requirements. After a specification or onsite consulting planning in Leverkusen takes place. Single apparatus or complete reaction lines are by the combinations of reactors (agitators), filter, distillation apparatus, a thin film evaporator, the exhaust gas cleaner, etc. with additional components such as Pumps, vacuum equipment, heating / cooling equipment, measurement and control equipment (incl. Visualization) summarized.

Quality and Safety

The highest quality and safety standards can only be achieved with optimum materials. CETEC only sets materials, the stringent physical and chemical tests were subjected, for example, Borosilicate glass 3.3, enamelled steel, stainless steels and high-quality fluoroplastics.

Apparatuses (eg AD leaflet / DIN / VDI / VDE / TUEV) or other rules () ASME, ANSI ...) etc. tested to the relevant standards / rules. GMP / FDA or ATEX regulations are optional - the customer order to comply likewise.

Innovation and Conformity

The constant contact with customers, universities and experts ensures continuous innovation and maximum adaptation to customer requirements. The structure of our units meet the allgem. Guidelines and safety regulations and current environmental standards / - Rules / Recommendations (TA-Luft / WHG ...). Extensions and modifications of existing equipment at the customer, to meet the growing needs, are problematic due to its modular construction.

Construction and Preassembly

The system components and units are planned according to customer requirements and gebaut.In an assembly hall Plants / appliances are pre-assembled (for Kundeninspektion- before delivery)

Assembly and test runs

The Plants / appliances come partially assembled to Versand.Somit They can be re-assembled by the customer or by experienced staff of CETEC quickly spot. If necessary, CETEC specialists for the (glass) Installation of equipment / plant can be commissioned and also help in the implementation of test runs.


The CETEC advises global companies for the acquisition of high-quality chemical plants, including all relevant components and accessories.
Due to its long experience in this field, CETEC has a reputation as a reliable partner. With a demand for used equipment / systems, as agitator tanks, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, template-tanks, valves etc. CETEC also offers support.

General Information

With the help of questionnaires, you can let us know what interests you. We will be able to give you a detailed offer. However, some important, specific information is needed (questionnaire / specifications).

We will respond to your inquiry shortly.


We are also specialized in the field of industrial process and feasibility studies for the design and optimization of:
- Distillations, rectifications and evaporation - Thermodynamics and hydraulic simulations - adsorption and desorption / stripping wastewater - exhaust - and exhaust air scrubbers - falling film evaporator / heat exchanger - column internals - procedures for Oleo-Chemie


Engineering services




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