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These sales, delivery and payment apply to all offers and deliveries

1. Offer and contract conclusion

Our offers are regarding price, quantity, delivery time and availability are always subject to change. Orders are taken as by us upon receipt of our order confirmation. Verbal agreements and additional agreements require our written confirmation to be valid.
Confirmations of the buyer with regard to the validity of its business or purchase conditions are hereby rejected.

2. Offer Documents /Zeichnungen/Technik

Deals, prices, drawings and designs may not be announced any recipient from third parties. Offenders will be subject to full compensation. We reserve thereto before the copyrights.
By offering sent drawings or documents shall remain our property and must be returned immediately by the recipient, if a contract is not awarded.
All work is performed as part of the DIN-EN tolerances. If there is no information carried out the production under the customary tolerances.

3. Prices

Prices are ex works, excluding VAT at the applicable amount, packaging, freight, customs, insurance, installation and other expenses. Packaging is charged at cost price and not taken back.
The calculated prices are based on the currently Offer valid wage and material costs. At the same changes we reserve a corresponding price adjustment.

4. Retention of title

The ownership is only transferred to the buyer when he has repaid the total liabilities from the existing business relationship.
If the delivered goods or parts thereof installed in another article, the retention of title does not expire; rather applies to the co-ownership and fair values ​​as agreed to the new item.
The purchaser is entitled to process the goods delivered under retention of title in the ordinary course of business and to sell. However, he may not pledge or transfer by way of security the goods. In the event of further processing or resale the buyer shall already now all claims arising from the resale with all ancillary rights against the garnishee up to the amount of the invoice with the authority of the proportionate collection of the demand for safety's sake to us. If the buyer collects the assigned claim itself, it does so only in trust. The collected on our revenues are to be submitted to us immediately.
At our request, the seller is obliged, the assignment to make the second and buyers known to give to assert our rights against the second purchaser information required.
Of any seizure or any impairment of our rights by third parties, the buyer must inform us immediately. In the event that the second purchaser is not paid immediately in cash, the buyer must keep the extended property before.
In breach of contract, in particular default in payment, the supplier is entitled to take back after a reminder and the customer is obliged to surrender the goods.

5. Payment

Payments are due within 30 days net - without any deductions - free to make our payments office. The purchase price, however, is due immediately if the buyer to come to us with other receivables in arrears, or if us the uncertainty of its assets through bankruptcy, judicial or extrajudicial request, exchange or check protests, compulsory execution or failure of a guarantor or other events in accordance with § 321 BGB is known. For payments within 10 days from date of invoice, 2% discount will be reimbursed. If the payment deadline of 30 days is exceeded Default shall occur without prior notice. There are default interest in the amount of 2% above the rate required of the Deutsche Bundesbank, but at least 8%. A right of retention or set-off against the customer not to - if this has not been legally established. Took commissioning services such as studies, engineering, assembly, and repairs are payable immediately net cash.

6. Delivery / Transfer of risk

Deliveries are made at the risk and expense of the purchaser. Partial deliveries are allowed. Transport insurance on request.

7. Decrease

The customer is obliged to immediately decrease, after
service provided (installation / repair, etc.) to carry out.
Otherwise, the acceptance is effective at one (1) week as having been made

8. Complaints

Complaints about the quantity, weight, quality, or equipment of the goods to the extent not excluded by our sales conditions, will only be considered if they are placed immediately after finding, at the latest within 8 days after receipt of the goods at the receiver by a notice in writing to our attention was. Hidden defects must be un-without delay to us in writing after their discovery.

9. Warranty

The warranty period is 18 months after start-up, max. 24 months after delivery. We ensure that our products are free from manufacturing and material defects.
In case of warranty, we undertake to replace an encumbered by a lack device / part at our discretion rectify or through a compatible device / part. The return of the faulted device / part must be made carriage paid. A right to self-elimination of the defect and for compensation for the consequent cost involved is the customer under any circumstances.
The warranty does not cover wearing parts or for parts, the one of the nature of their use premature wear / wear or corrosion are due to their nature.
Further claims by the purchaser, in particular a right to
Compensation for damages which have not arisen on the delivery item itself excluded (personal injury, consequential damage, loss of production, etc.)

10. Other Agreements

Conditions deviating from these agreements are only valid if made in writing.

11. Jurisdiction

For all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is, if the purchaser is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public special fund, to bring the action before the court which has jurisdiction for the head office of the supplier. The supplier is entitled to file suit at the customer's headquarters.